Success at Shared Savings and Next Generation

As organizations prepare to move from Medicare Shared Savings Plans to Next Generation payment models, the majority of ACO’s either lost money or did not meet savings thresholds. VIZI’s vIDN® brings the required technology, clinical services, and risk partnership to succeed across attributed and unattributed Medicare populations.

The Problem

While the number of ACO’s have grown over the past five years, many of those ACO’s have not created savings. Proactively managing high-cost seniors throughout the various community care settings, data connectivity, and infrastructure investment make shared savings and two-sided risk arrangements challenging.

The VIZI Solution

VIZI brings the required technology infrastructure and process management to organize and connect disparate care settings so information seamlessly flows at the member level across the community. Our clinical liaisons and navigational teams enable a more connected, home-based, healthcare experience. VIZI's unique business model allows us to partner with clients on a shared risk, performance-based, approach.

Data Integration

VIZI uses the most advanced, HIPPA compliant, methods of data integration to create continuity of care across all settings. Multi-disciplinary teams working in different organizations yet caring for the same senior now have the ability to function as one care team. VIZI’s data integration capabilities support a consolidated patient health record and allow the ACO member to have one source for their medical information.

Clinically Integrated Network Management

VIZI curates and helps manage provider and post-acute care networks. Our network management technology creates transparency across all levels of care and allows for clinical directives to flow down from the primary care physician to their extended delegated teams. Network transparency enables provider accountability against measurable quality performance indicators.

Clinical Services

Most ACO’s have some form of telephonic case management. VIZI configures its clinical services to fill gaps and augment these efforts around care in the community. Whether it is palliative, intensive, chronic disease, post-acute, or emergency department coordination, VIZI designs clinical services to enable more proactive and integrated care beginning with the home environment.


Success in Shared Savings and Next Generation ACO’s is more than just physician scorecards and group practice reporting (GPRO). Managing chronically ill senior populations cost effectively requires consistent clinical data capture, access to multiple EHR systems, and clinically appropriate utilization management. VIZI's vIDN® incorporates an integrated data framework using a common clinical language (CQL) that ensures not only ACO guideline measurements are accurately reported, but that administrators have the flexibility to configure a variety of reports to benchmark network performance across clinical outcomes.

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