Financial Partnershipto Cap Spend and Lower Risk

VIZI manages all aspects of post-acute care services under a sub-capitated risk relationship to provide financial control and clinical integration across Medicare and Medicaid populations.

VIZI’s Carepointe® Cap is a business solution for health plans and delegated risk physician groups struggling to control the cost and quality of managing post-acute care provider networks.

VIZI goes at risk under a Division Of Financial Responsibility (DOFR) relationship and facilitates all aspects of post-acute care under a monthly capitated rate for home health, skilled nursing, and other care coordination services.

Numerous studies have shown that the most variability in both cost and quality of care occurs after a member leaves the hospital in the broader post-acute care community consisting of skilled nursing, inpatient rehab, and long-term acute care facilities in addition to home health and hospice agencies. These sites of care have different cost structures and different service levels. When members need clinical or non-clinical skilled care and go to the wrong provider, not only does financial waste occur, but quality outcomes deteriorate.

Under Carepointe® Cap, VIZI helps you control your post-acute care spend while managing network utilization and performance.

Learn how VIZI partners with health plans and physician networks in sub- capitated risk relationships.

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