VIZI Enables Community Based
Comprehensive Primary Care.

VIZI Healthcare helps Medicare & Medicaid Beneficiaries manage their healthcare so they can continue doing the things they love. Working with members and their physicians to develop and deliver personalized care plans through the benefit year.

Personalized Care Plans

VIZI understands healthcare can be complicated, especially when members are sick. If a member gets their health insurance through a Medicare and/or Medicaid plan, VIZI Healthcare can help. VIZI works with members and their physicians to develop and facilitate personalized care plans.

VIZI helps take the complexity and effort out of receiving care so those who are covered can focus on living the life they want to live.

Discharge & Care Plan

Through a professional nurse liaison service, VIZI assesses member's health requirements and designs a care plan to ensure they get access to all the resources they need. If a beneficiary is hospitalized, VIZI will meet the member at the facility and ensure they make it safely back home with the services they need from the most talented staff available.

Annual Wellness Visits

With the oversight of their primary care physician, VIZI organizes and conducts annual wellness visits to ensure all preventative medicine exams are complete. VIZI will even ensure members have transportation arranged for any follow up appointments.

Medication Reconciliation

Because many seniors take multiple medications and medication requirements can often change, VIZI works with members and their pharmacist to ensure their medications are correct and that they understand how to take them.

Chronic Care Management Services

Chronic conditions like hypertension, heart failure, COPD, and diabetes require constant supervision to ensure members don’t return to the hospital. VIZI’s staff will check in with members each month to ensure their chronic conditions are managed correctly. If members need help, VIZI makes sure they get it and for those members with more advanced chronic conditions, VIZI has nurses available 24/7 and technology that can help identify a problem early.

Health Records

Keep all patient health records organized. Chronically ill seniors may see multiple providers throughout the year and their health information can be hard to access. Through VIZI’s service and tools, member's health information is consolidated onto one record so it is easily accessible from a computer, pad, tablet or smart phone.


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