Next generation comprehensive care while remaining independent

VIZI helps practices focus on what they do best: provide awesome patient care. VIZI scales practices enabling physicians to deliver next generation healthcare while increasing their income and job satisfaction.

Changes & Concerns

The transformation to value-based care has brought many changes and concerns to physician practices. MIPS, MACRA, APMs not only signify a change in how they get paid, but how they practice medicine.

In a recent survey, more than half the physicians indicated concern over the future of medicine, their income decreasing and low job satisfaction. As a result of these changes and the increasing expense of managing a practice, many physicians can no longer remain independent.

The VIZI Solution

VIZI Healthcare’s turnkey system-of-care allows physicians to focus on practicing medicine while providing the technological, human, process and financial resources they need to effectively move into new value-based payment models. VIZI partners with physician practices to share in the risk and invest in the capabilities required to succeed in next generation payment models.

Investment Resources

Investment resources to set up the necessary infrastructure to optimize care delivery for both fee-for-service and value-based payment models.

Physician's Network

A wide array of care management services that allow physicians to leverage VIZI’s resources so they do not need to hire additional office staff to perform care coordination activities.

Community Care Services

Building physicians a smart narrow network that is aligned with their clinical directives, tracks their patients through the care continuum and ensures all care plans and follow ups are addressed.

Data & Analytics

Data integration across acute, sub-acute and home-based services for optimized patient management, network management and reporting.

Communications Platform

Connectivity to The VIZI Care Cloud that give practices a unified communications platform for all community-based providers in their preferred network.

Learn how VIZI partners with health plans and physician networks in sub- capitated risk relationships.

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