Smart toolset and platform service enabling comprehensive primary care in the community without the heavy cost burden or downside risk.

With health plans and providers both being asked to act more like the other, neither have the smart toolset solution to effectively integrate care while lowering costs.

VIZI Healthcare’s new, technology-enabled, care system – vIDN® (virtual integrated delivery network) – blends people, processes and technology to build a smarter, more connected, health care experience for all stakeholders, where information and service delivery gaps are closed without the need to invest in heavy assets.

Simply stated, a vIDN® provides you with all the visibility and control of an integrated delivery network, without the cost of owning all the assets.

What does a vIDN® look like?

A senior healthcare executive can see, in real-time, where all thier members are in every setting of care and life: acute, LTAC, IRF, SNF or home and can view the overall performance of each level and setting of care in delivering results according to a member’s care plan. Clinical and financial data from various organizations’ electronic medical records are harmonized so that caregivers can work in their native applications yet have all relevant information from the entire network. Therapists and nurses from network agencies visiting members’ homes are conducting standardized screening and can escalate potential needs immediately to those designated with prescriptive authority to keep members safe at home. Primary care physicians only have to intervene by exception yet have all the leveraged support of an entire network working according the physician’s prescriptive directive.


Learn how VIZI partners with health plans and physician networks in sub- capitated risk relationships.

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