Technology Enabled Comprehensive Care

Because data and connectivity issues often isolate providers and prevent them from collaborating across the community to meet the needs of their patients, VIZI Healthcare introduces smart information technology that focuses on the patient-provider relationship across all care settings.

The VIZI Care Cloud works across existing enterprise health IT infrastructures to deliver relevant patient information at the point of care, improving provider awareness and patient engagement in their care plan.

By seamlessly extending clinical directives throughout the community, providers can broaden control and transparency in managing levels of care, duration and outcome.

Inside The VIZI Care Cloud

VIZI Xchange

A connectivity solution to identify members hitting the hospital, filter the most needed patient data, move data to a curated vendor in the network ensuring continuity of care across the continuum. VIZI has incorporated a sophisticated data integration framework that compiles important information such as medications, chronic conditions and provider observations while sharing this information with the extended care team to ensure optimized care planning and delivery.

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VIZI Navigator

An enterprise web service registry that curates community provider capabilities across 40 different clinical and therapeutic variables to ensure patient placement accuracy. VIZI’s matching engine ensures each care destination and provider within the patient’s medical profile has the ability and resources to serve the needs of their membership. The result is a reduction of hospital expenses, a more informed patient and a better health outcome.

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VIZI Mobile Ally

Enterprise mobile applications that route patients to mobile care teams in the network allow for member assessments care team connectivity, and patient home escalations. VIZI Healthcare’s primary goal is to assist chronically ill seniors so they may age independently in their homes and communities. VIZI’s unique, physician-designed, member-engagement process allows all providers to assess changes in condition and escalate concerns that can often be addressed without an emergency room visit.

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VIZI HIE Integration

A data integration gateway that allows 3rd party device such as Medtronic remote monitoring equipment to transfer data into the VIZI Carepointe® hub / Patient Health Record. VIZI’s clinical data warehouse pulls patient information from its VIZI Xchange and pushes relevant data to care team members when they need it. VIZI’s HIPAA compliant data warehouse allows for increased transparency across care settings and creates a vast database that enables easy, on demand reporting.

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VIZI Carepointe®

A next generation care management software that takes in data from multiple sources and allows the care team to build a patient-centered care plan for administration of services and meaningful use billing. Carepointe® allows VIZI to deliver increased control and transparency for chronically ill populations, thus ensuring their disease burdens are properly managed.

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